CrossFit is a LIFESTYLE

CrossFit is not just a sport you see on TV for young people striving to compete at the highest level of physical capacity. It’s a training methodology meant to support and enhance your lifestyle outside of the gym, at any age and ability.

“Overall, the CrossFit-based exercise program implemented by this study was a success, suggesting that two CrossFit-based exercise classes per week have the ability to enhance the level of physical function in older adults, including those in their eighth and ninth decades of life and those living in long-term residential care. Older adults perceive CrossFit as a fun method of training and recognize that its functional nature and holistic approach can help them improve their ability to carry out everyday tasks and subsequently retain their independence.”

Here at CrossFit Revoke we offer programs to fit all goals and abilities. Come visit us at CrossFit Revoke to learn about our CFR Lifestyle program! We want to help you lift and live well though all the decades of your life!

-Lift to Live Well BY SHARON MALLIA

CrossFit Journal

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